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What to Do When You Have Hail Damage in Iowa

Hail Damage is Common Homeowner Problem in Iowa

Carroll, IA & Honey Creek, IA Deal with Hail Frequently in the Spring

Hail can damage everything from roofs, gutters, windows, and siding. Hail is the leading cause of damage in most states, outranking wind. Hail and wind cost a major insurance company $3.9 billion in the year 2012. Hail can range in size from little pellets of hail that can cause little to no damage, all the way up to softball size that can cause major damage.

Hail damage is typically unavoidable. During the spring you get stronger storms and it makes it a bit easier for hailstones to reach the ground.

Roofing Damage Caused by Hail in IA

Brincks Exteriors offers complete repairs for all your exterior needs for hail damage. Bricks will repair your roof, windows, siding, and gutters. By choosing Brincks Exteriors you receive quality workmanship, and our goal is to make their customers 100% satisfied. Our work is done in an efficient, timely manner allowing you to get back the important things in life more quickly. Brincks Exteriors uses all of the latest roofing materials on the market to assure that your family home is repaired with great quality in mind.

Siding Damage Caused by Hail in Des Moines, Carroll & Honey Creek, Iowa

Seamless siding is an excellent choice for your siding needs. Curb appeal is an important aspect to homeowners and having a siding that does not show seems would increase your home’s values.

Having seamless siding may increase your savings as they are more energy efficient. Today’s siding is installed with a vapor barrier that wicks elements away from your walls and affecting the temperature indoors.

Brincks Exteriors offer long-lasting, quality siding. You can rest assured knowing it will be at least 20 years before it needs replacing again. Brincks Exteriors offers a variety of siding options to choose from including wood shake siding, vinyl siding, and cement fiber siding.

Window Damage Caused by Hail in Carroll, IA

Brincks Exteriors offers quality windows made by Anderson Windows. Anderson Windows has gained a superb reputation for quality and energy efficiency. Brincks Exteriors offers several different window styles and options:

Single-Hung Windows: Simple windows that are low maintenance and very versatile.

Double-Hung Windows: Windows that are easy to operate and clean and look great in any home.

Casement Windows: Great for vertical openings, and provide maximum ventilation.

Sliding Windows: Easy to care for and work well in small horizontal openings.

Awning Windows: Stylish, work well for larger horizontal openings, provide plenty of ventilation.

Picture Windows: Make a great aesthetic addition and let in plenty of light – good for scenic overlooks and adding visual appeal to the home.

Bay and Bow Windows: Let in plenty of light, add seating, and bring the outside into your home.

Call us to learn more about the window installation and replacement options we have for Iowa homes and businesses. Storm and hail damage can leave homeowners and business owners feeling helpless. Brincks Exteriors is here to help. Call us to find out more.

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