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Common Window Problems in Carroll and Council Bluffs, Iowa

Iowa winters vary from moderately cold to bitterly cold. The average snowfall is 37 inches. Making sure your windows are prepared for these winters is important. If you notice a cold draft coming from your windows, this is not only uncomfortable but expensive. Heat is escaping through these worn-out windows. A whistling window is another indication that you need a window repair expert in the Carroll and Council Bluffs areas.

Other signs that you are in need of window repair in Iowa include:

  • Windows that develop ice or frost inside the window pane due to poor ventilation
  • Windows that no longer stay open on their own or take a lot of effort to open
  • Windows with visible signs of a seal failure

If the exterior seal on the exterior of your windows looks worn out or have visible gaps between the window frame and siding, it’s time for these to be replaced. Replacing these sealants should be done by a professional because trapping too much moisture can cause mold.

For any of the signs that you need window repair work, Brincks Exteriors is your window repair experts in Carroll and Council Bluffs. Contact us for a free estimate for any of your window repair needs in Iowa.

Window Repair in Council Bluffs, Iowa

If you are finding signs that repair is not an option, Brincks Exteriors is your Iowa replacement windows specialists. Fixing broken glass on a window can be an easy fix if it is single-paned; however, a single pane glass window is not energy efficient. It may be better to replace a single pane window with a more energy efficient window. Double pane windows have two panes of glass in each sash separated by an air spacer. If a double paned window is broken, it is best to replace the entire window.

Insulated windows can have issues with seal failure. Older insulated glass does not have the technology that is available today and the two panes of glass separate from the spacer and allows outside air into space. If you have noticed a fog between the panes, you are probably dealing with seal failure.

Does it look like your windows have a “haze” over them? This is caused by the outside elements or the chemicals in cleaning agents. This causes the surface of the glass to become textured, causing the “haze”.

If your windows are difficult to open or close, this indicates the window is not functioning the way it should.

If you see any signs that your windows need to be repaired or replaced, call the professionals at Brincks Exteriors. We will take a look and give you an estimate. With today’s modern and energy-efficient windows, it makes sense to replace old windows. They often pay for themselves in the long run. Brincks Exteriors is replacement windows experts for the Carroll and Council Bluffs, Iowa areas. Call us today for window repair and replacement.

Brinks Exteriors also offers seamless siding, and seamless gutters in Carroll and Council Bluffs, Iowa. We replace windows with hail, storm, and water damage. Contact us for any of these home repair needs.

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