Common Gutter Problems in Carroll and Council Bluffs, Iowa

Your gutters are critical in protecting your home from water damage. They are the main method of channeling water away from your home and foundation to prevent moisture issues. If you expect your gutters to do their job properly, you must make sure that they are in top condition. If there are any problems with your gutters, they should be repaired immediately. For all your gutter problems in the Carroll and Council Bluffs, Iowa areas, you can count on Brincks Exteriors.

The most common problem with gutters is that they become clogged with debris. If they are not properly cared for, your gutters may become full of leaves, pine needles, and other junk that will prevent them from draining well. Gutters should be cleaned out once or twice a year to keep them functioning properly. There are also some ways to prevent your gutters from becoming clogged in the first place – you can check that any trees that hang over them are adequately trimmed, or you can purchase a mesh screen such as a GutterDome to keep debris from entering them.

Your gutters might be sagging or pulling away from the house; if this is the case, it is probably caused by a failure with the hardware that fastens the gutters to the fascia (the front trim board along the roofline). This hardware might wear out over time or they may be too far apart to support the gutters. Sagging gutters might also be caused by too much weight in them. If there is a large enough amount of standing water or debris in your gutters, they might become too heavy and start to sag down.

Gutter Repair in Carroll, Iowa

If there are leaks or holes in your gutters, you may run the risk of letting water pool around your foundation and get into your basement. Usually, gutter leaks can be fixed by caulking the inside joint with a gutter sealant. Larger holes may need to be fixed using a patch.

Sometimes, gutters will have water standing in them and failing to flow out the downspouts. If this is the case, it may be because your gutters are improperly pitched. There should be at least 1/4 inch of slope for every 10 feet. Sometimes, you can fix this problem on your own, but often, it is necessary to call in a professional for assistance.

Yet another gutter problem that will lead to some major moisture issues is downspouts that drain too close to your foundation. If the downspouts do not extend several feet, they will dump the excess rainwater directly into your basement. The solution to this is simple – usually, a gutter extension attached to the bottom of the downspout.

If you have not yet invested in a gutter system, it is definitely worth your time and money. A quality, properly functioning gutter system will keep water away from your foundation, preventing water damage to your basement and other areas of your home.

For all of these common gutter problems and more, contact the professional team at Brincks Exteriors for all your gutter needs. We provide services for the people in Carroll and Council Bluffs, Iowa and the surrounding areas. We can also assist with siding and window repair caused by hail, storm, and water damage. Call today for a free estimate so you know the cost of your project ahead of time. We look forward to helping you!

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