Common Siding Problems in Carroll and Council Bluffs, Iowa

Siding repair and installation in Carroll, Council Bluffs, IowaThe majority of homes these days have been sided with some type of vinyl siding. Normally, this is a stylish and durable option. However, there are a few common problems that can occur with vinyl siding. For this reason, it is important to be completely sure that your siding is installed correctly and is of a high quality grade.

One problem that you may face with vinyl siding is warping or buckling. This occurs when the siding on the exterior of the home is not properly installed. As a result, it may begin to warp or buckle. Because wood and vinyl siding are different, they must be installed differently. Wood siding must be tightly nailed to the exterior walls, whereas vinyl siding should be hung rather loosely from fasteners. This gives the vinyl siding room to expand and contract due to the fluctuations in temperature. If the siding is attached to the house too tightly, it will not be able to move which can cause buckling and warping.

Sometimes, the special flashing trim pieces that surround the edges of the doors, windows, and other structural elements may develop harmful leaks. This creates moisture problems behind the siding. Taking certain precautions when installing the siding and flashing can prevent this issue.

Another rather annoying problem that may result from improperly installed siding is unpleasant noises, especially during windstorms or when the siding is expanding or contracting because of the temperature. If the siding is making popping noises while it expands and contracts, it is most likely because the nails were driven in too tightly and the siding does not have adequate room to expand and contract. This can be solved by loosening the nails in the siding. If the siding makes noise when it is windy outside, it is probably because it does not have a tight enough seal against the house. Be sure the exterior of the house is carefully prepared and the siding installed correctly to avoid this problem from occurring.

Yet another problem we see quite frequently is hail damage to siding in Iowa. Hail and storms are a common problem in Iowa and damage is inevitable. Luckily, the team at Brincks Exteriors specializes in storm and hail damage. We can help you with the process from inspection, to insurance claims, to siding replacement. We can help with roofing, windows, and gutters that are damaged by storms and hail as well. Call us today to learn more.

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Since vinyl siding does not have a waterproof design, the exterior of the home beneath the siding should be covered with a waterproof barrier of some kind. This will stop any moisture problems from arising. Siding is designed to prevent an airtight seal over the house. This means that when water leaks through the siding, there must be something to stop it. If there is a problem with the waterproof barrier beneath the siding, there will also be a moisture problem that will most likely effect the interior of the home as well as the exterior.

Mold and algae buildup on vinyl siding can be an eyesore for any homeowner. Mold or algae may grow on a section of siding that is not in direct sunlight and has a high moisture level. To prevent this unsightly problem, make sure there are no things around the house that will create constant shade, and trap moisture near the surface of the siding, such as shrubs or other plants that touch the house.

So for these common siding problems and more, contact the team at Brincks Exteriors for your Iowa and Nebraska siding needs. We are experienced with siding, windows, seamless gutters, roofing, and more. We also replace siding caused by hail, storm, and water damage. Our experts offer free estimates so you can be sure we will be in your budget. Do not wait; call us today for siding asistance.